6 Best Gifts That Will Put a Smile in Any Fitness Enthusiast’s Face

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Is your friend, sibling, spouse or parent a fitness lover? Hoping to make him or her the happiest man or woman of the year? Well, exercise enthusiasts want nothing less than achieving a high level of fitness, maintaining a healthy weight or achieving a perfect physique. Even though you can’t provide them with any of these, they would appreciate something that will prove your love for what they are doing.

Here are best gifts that will put a smile on the face of any fitness friend

1. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Price: $29.47

If your friend or sibling likes exercising indoors, it is likely he or she has some old acupressure mat somewhere in his or her home. If not, he or she might be having a hard time doing her stretches or other workouts that require him or her to lie on the ground. If that is your sibling’s, friend’s or parent’s case, then getting him or her Nayoya Acupressure Mat will without a doubt put a smile on his or her face.

2. Burst resistant exercise ball

Price: $24.99

Any workout fanatic would want to achieve better balance and stability, and there is no better way of getting that than engaging in practices that aim at building their core muscles. Burst resistant exercise ball is one of the best gifts that can help your friend gain stronger core muscles as well as strength. It is one of the perfect items for indoor workouts. Also, it is crafted from non-toxic material and can hold up to 300 pounds while at the same time offering maximum comfort. Get this for any workout lover who likes exercising indoors and wait for that beautiful smile.

3. Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker

Price: $59.95

Every fitness fanatic always wants to know how he or she is progressing with her workouts. They always want to know the number of steps they make, calories they’ve burned, the distance they’ve covered and more. With a Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker, they never have to worry. This simple device will help them track the steps they’ve made, calorie burnt as well as the distance they’ve covered while walking or jogging. He or she can also update his or her Fitbit Account using his or her smartphone.

4. Ea Sports Active

There is no easier way of making the exercises of your sibling or friend fun than making him or her dance to it. With Ea Sports, your friend will want to stay active for minutes or even hours. It features a variety of exercises and cardio that will engage both the lower and upper body. Most of the games are enjoyable and challenging at the same time. One thing any fitness enthusiast will love about this gift is that it comes with a personal trainer that will keep him engaged for hours.

5. RPM Speed Rope 2.0

Price $49.95

Nothing offers a better way of burning excess fat than a jumping rope. It allows you to exercises consistently through minutes without getting tired. RPM Speed Rope is one of a kind and will surely make your sibling’s or friend’s day. It is one of the sturdiest as well as fastest ropes you will ever come across on the market. It is also one of the cheapest compared to other jumping ropes its type.

6. Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Bundle

Price: $139

Music elevates our moods when exercising and the best part, makes our workouts feel easier than they are. Unfortunately, going for a run with a standard headphone might get it wet, damaging the headphone itself and cutting short your fun. Just as the name implies, this headphone is waterproof and is crafted for flip turns. It also allows you to switch out audiobooks and songs with iTunes. Upload your workout songs and take them with you wherever you are planning to exercise. This earphone is a perfect gift for those music lovers who like exercising outdoors.

The takeways

Everyone loves gifts and fitness fanatics are not exempted. If you have a sibling, a spouse, a parent or a spouse looking forward to celebrating his or her birthday, mother’s day or father’s day sooner, you will need to find a gift that will make that day worth remembering. Remember, you can always give the gift of health. Here’s the review of bodyweight burn that we found useful. More often than not, you won’t know what he or she is interested in, but you can always guess by watching how they exercise every day. Don’t be the one left out. Buy your friend, spouse or sibling any of these six gifts and realize how easy you can make him or her smile.


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